Tail Spin II - Colorful Red, Gold and Purple Contemporary Metal Wall Sculpture - 68" x 24"

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Tail Spin II

Red, Gold & Magenta Jewel Tones

68" x 24" x 2" (172.72 cm x 60.96 cm x 5.08 cm)

Length includes suggested 1" spacing between panels when mounted on the wall.
Tail Spin II Contemporary Metal Wall Art by Jon Allen

This seven-panel metal wall art is a fountain of strokes that pours forth from one corner of the piece and showers across the surface to the opposite corner. Sweeping arcs and energetic gestures cross over the fountain, contributing to the kinetic effect. The piece is warm and exuberant, full of gold's, reds and deep magentas. This massive, uniquely designed, limited edition sculpture is valued for its originality, quality & exclusivity. Built with my signature intricate grind patterns, this dynamic work of art is skillfully etched and polished creating a cutting-edge, beautiful abstract modern composition. The meticulous carvings capture and reflect natural and artificial light producing captivating illusions of dimension, depth and brilliant 3D expressive movements that transform at different angles of view. A dramatic fusion of structure with vibrant hand painted translucent dyes and pigment color tones make for a truly fine quality focal point to any decor. The sculpted details are interwoven for a continuous panel to panel symmetry and fluidity. This dazzling and unique artwork is popular with Interior Designers and Decorators seeking timeless harmony, balance, and fluidity in elegant complementary modern decor. Designed and hand-crafted by me in America, this piece is also signed.

Unique styled pre-installed brackets allow for vertical or horizontal display, and 'float' the artwork off the wall about 2 inches for added eye catching depth and dimension. Easy mounting instructions, a helpful measuring tool guide and a Certificate of Authenticity included. Due to a wide variety of wall types, nails / screws are not provided.

Dimensions: 68" x 24" x 2" - Length includes suggested 1" spacing between panels when mounted on the wall.

Color: Red, Gold and Magenta Jewel Tones