Silver Aurora - Unique, Round All Natural Silver Abstract Metal Wall Accent Art - 21" x 21"

Silver Aurora - Unique, Round All Natural Silver Abstract Metal Wall Accent Art - 21" x 21"

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Silver Aurora

All Natural Silver

21" x 21" x 2" (53.34 cm Diameter)
Silver Aurora - Circular Modern Metal Wall Art Accent by Jon Allen

This contemporary circular metal art sculpture is a dynamic orb, a porthole view of a shimmering metal wave. A looping flow of silver strokes moves across the round panel, twisting and turning in an energetic river, a kinetic swirl that contrasts with the visual stability of the metal circle's geometric perfection. The diameter of this abstract metal wall sculpture is 21" across. This unique metal artwork was designed to accentuate that special nook or niche space while adding appeal and interest to your decor. A dynamically designed creative work of art that combines modern style with inspired artistic innovation to spotlight a definitive visual accent and focal point. My signature-defined hand textured intricacies and carvings into the metal capture and reflect surrounding light sources creating enhanced interaction with dramatic illusions of depth and 3D movement as viewed from different angles. This stunning piece is passionately hand-painted depicting engaging details in vibrant color that interacts with the captivating reflections of skillfully carved metal patterns. Absolutely remarkable artwork that naturally invites conversation and shares enjoyment with family and friends. Whether you are looking for a fresh, original accent piece or searching for the star attraction anchor sculpture...take a look in Statements2000 store for a variety of complementary fine metal artwork styles, colors and sizes.

Unique styled pre-installed brackets allow for vertical or horizontal display and 'float' the artwork off the wall about 2 inches for added eye catching depth and dimension.