Serenity Pool 9 Piece - Vibrant Blue & Teal Abstract Metal Wall Painting - Set of 9 - 114" x 24"

Serenity Pool 9 Piece - Vibrant Blue & Teal Abstract Metal Wall Painting - Set of 9 - 114" x 24"

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Serenity Pool 9 Piece

Blue, Teal & Silver

114" x 24" x 2" (289.56 cm x 60.96 cm x 5.08 cm)

14" includes suggested 1" spacing between panels but you can display this artwork in a number of distinct and unique configurations.

9 Panels that each measure 12" x 24"

Serenity Pool 9 Piece by Jon Allen - Handmade Silver & Blue Modern Metal Wall Hanging - Set of 9 Abstract Metal Wall Art

Add an electric feel to your modern home decor with a jolt of Serenity Pool 9 Piece. Bold hand-painted swirls of vivid blue and teal cut across the nine aluminum panels like electricity coursing through a circuit. The hand-etched detailing adds depth to the piece, giving the appearance of three dimensions of space along a wall. 9 Panels that each measure 12" x 24"

Metal artwork depicts movement and motion in a way other art simply cannot thanks to the amazing interplay between color & light. The meticulous carvings capture and reflect natural and artificial light producing captivating illusions of dimension and depth that transform at different angles of view. A dramatic fusion of structure with vibrant hand painted translucent dyes and pigment color tones creates a truly fine quality focal point to any decor. The engaging sculpted details are interwoven for a continuous panel to panel symmetry and fluidity. Sophisticated and contemporary, this dazzling unique style artwork is popular with Interior Designers and Decorators seeking timeless harmony and balance in elegant modern decor.

Product Features:

  • Signed by the artist Jon Allen
  • Includes Certificate of Authenticity
  • High quality, durable metal sculpture, handmade with precision and detail in the USA!
  • Artwork arrives ready to display with pre-installed brackets. Due to a wide variety of wall types, nails/screws are not provided.
  • Brackets allow for horizontal display and float the artwork off the wall about 2-inches for added eye catching depth and dimension.
  • Easy mounting instructions and helpful measuring tool guide included.