Copper Allure - Copper Abstract Metal Indoor/Outdoor Sculpture by Jon Allen- 48" X 17" X 12"

Copper Allure - Copper Abstract Metal Indoor/Outdoor Sculpture by Jon Allen- 48" X 17" X 12"

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Copper Allure


48" x 17" x 12", including the 12" base
Copper Contemporary Metal Sculpture - Copper Allure by Jon Allen

This contemporary free-standing metal ribbon sculpture sits up playfully, resting on a looped foot that pushes against the base, twisting upward in graceful motion that loops and twists. The surface of the abstract metal piece is simple, a relatively unadorned textured bare metal, that glitters in the sunlight. This unique eye-catching, breath-taking free-standing sculpture is a spectacular architectural feature to add distinctive modern style to your landscape, and a stunning focal point for your home or office. Creatively designed and built for dynamic indoor or all-seasons outdoor display. My signature-defined hand textured intricacies and carvings into the metal capture and reflect surrounding light sources creating enhanced interaction with captivating illusions of dimensions, depth and 3D expressive movement as viewed from different angles. The attractive finished aluminum base plate with pre-drilled holes allows you to screw or bolt the sculpture to a wood deck, concrete patio, or garden stone for added stability outdoors. Rubber bumpers are included for indoor display. An innovative abstract sculpture that is a perfect standalone work of art - or showcased in numbers - for sophisticated dazzling contemporary decor to suit any lifestyle. Exterior mounting screws / bolts are not included. 

Dimensions: 48" x 17" x 12" including the 12" base 

Color: Copper with an all Black Base