Busan Earring by Jon Allen - Modern Statement Earrings in Gold and Silver, Handcrafted Dangle Jewlery

Busan Earring by Jon Allen - Modern Statement Earrings in Gold and Silver, Handcrafted Dangle Jewlery

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Busan Earring

Silver & Gold

2" long (measuring from the bottom of the earring to the top that is placed in the ear)

Wonderlust Collection by Jon Allen

Hand-crafted Sterling Silver, 14kt Gold filled, and Anodized Aluminum is finished with a protective Polymer Resin.

The Wanderlust Collection by Jon Allen
Electric city skylines and their clean, modern architectural lines. Aquamarine waters, lush tropical landscapes, and breathtaking sunsets. Ancient ruins and desert sands. The places I have been and the places I dream of are the inspiration for the Wanderlust Collection. The result - exciting, innovative, contemporary jewelry unlike anything else.

Hand-crafted Sterling Silver, 14kt Gold filled.
Earring Care
Retain the beautiful color and shine simply by applying alcohol with a soft cloth.

A note from the Artist
Before I was an established metal artist creating my handmade metal wall art, fine paintings, abstract sculpture, and handcrafted clocks for my incredible collectors near and far, I was a jewelry maker for many years.

I started out selling my handmade pieces at local art shows around the state of Florida. Over time and many shows, the demand grew - as did my passion for jewelry making. My family and I eventually made the decision to take the jewelry all around the country. It was sold in fine art galleries and at art shows, we attended from coast to coast. My lovely wife, children and I met wonderful people across the United States and will never forget that chapter of our lives. In fact, looking back on it so fondly is part of what has inspired me to re-open this chapter.

I’ve decided to offer limited quantities of my favorite designs. It is very exciting to share these pieces with those of you who have come to know me as a metal artist through the years - and especially with those of you who might not have known my origins were in jewelry.