4 Squares Blue - Blue & Silver Set of Four 12" x 12" Metal Wall Art Accents by Jon Allen

4 Squares Blue - Blue & Silver Set of Four 12" x 12" Metal Wall Art Accents by Jon Allen

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4 Squares Blue

Blue & Silver

4 Piece set - each square measures 12" x 12" x 2" (30.48 cm x 30.48 cm x 7.62 cm)

This artwork can be displayed in a variety of configurations

Jon’s classic design “4 Squares” have been enjoyed by his collectors all around the world for more than 10 years. Jon is contacted to re-create this popular piece time and time again. Now, Jon has been inspired to put a colorful spin on this classic piece; “4 Squares” are now being offered in an array of vibrant colors to enhance your decor!

WHAT’S INCLUDED Four handmade squares that each measure 12” x 12”. Each square is dynamic enough to display on its own. However, you can display all four squares together in a square configuration, as a diamond (diamond hanging template available upon request), horizontally, vertically, staggered, diagonally, and so much more. Hang each square with as much or as little space between them as you’d like. Check out the listing photos for inspiration and examples of hanging techniques.

As you see pictured, each of the four squares features its own individual hand-etched design. A loose, whimsical swirl. Tight, controlled lines that emulate from a center focal point. Wavy lines postured diagonally that catch and reflect light across the piece. A disc-like pattern that’s evocative of a disco ball. These four unique characters complement and balance one another beautifully.

Like the design of one particular square more than all the rest? We’ve got you covered! Each design is available for individual purchase. Spruce up your home decor or office in no time! These pieces will help you effortlessly add a contemporary-modern sophistication to your space.

Each hand-etched square is mounted ¾” off its striking silver background that captures and reflects light. In other words, the square is mounted on to a background square. Each square is affixed to the wall via Jon’s unique brackets for simple hanging that give the piece even more depth and dimension; the brackets “float” the artwork off the wall approximately 2”. The overall depth of each square off the wall is approximately 2.5” – 3”. Please see our photo that illustrates the depth.

All you’ll need to hang the squares are standard nails/screws. Due to a wide variety of wall types, nails/screws are not provided. If you need advice on affixing the artwork to a specialty wall/surface, please consult with your local hardware professional. “4 Squares” are not intended for outdoor display under direct sunlight.

Mix and match! Already own Jon’s classic “4 Squares”? Add to your installation by purchasing an additional set. This artwork is so much more than an accent piece; it can be the focal point of an entire room. You can effortlessly arrange so many striking compositions. Alternate different colors to create your own individualizes display. The possibilities are virtually endless. These make wonderful gifts for all occasions; everyone has room for a set of “4 Squares” and you can never go wrong with silver which is very neutral and adaptable. Consider “4 Squares” for housewarming gifts, wedding gifts, birthday gifts, holiday gifts and so much more.

Product Features:

Signed and dated by the artist Jon Allen

Includes Certificate of Authenticity

High quality, durable metal sculpture, handmade with precision and detail in the USA!

Artwork comes to you ready to display with unique pre-installed brackets. Due to a wide variety of wall types, nails / screws are not provided.

Brackets allow for vertical or horizontal display and 'float' the artwork off the wall about 2" for added eye catching depth and dimension.

Diamond hanging template available upon request.

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